What if life was simpler than we thought?

You know how after something happens we always see it much clearer? How does the saying go... hindsight is alway 20/20?

What I am about to share below will give you the 3 Secretes you need to see the patterns in your life. It's like having your own life compass.

Getting what you want in life is much easier

when you have a compass.

We are all compelled at times to do something that will take us on a new unfamiliar path. It can be something small like changing our diet or something large like changing our career.

What is your calling?


Understand Your Journey


Understand Yourself

Understanding your archetype is like understanding yourself. It’s what makes your journey in life so unique. It also helps you understand the world around you. An archetype is the base or origin of something; it is essentially the core of who you are.

This is the key of nature and of life itself. When you understand archetypes you unlock many of the mysteries about yourself. Just like we have twelve months in a year there are twelve base archetypes. And just like there are three months in a season there are three core archetypes that guide you.

When you understand the nature of yourself you start to see patterns:

Why do you like certain colors, cars, or certain things in general?

Why do you see the world in your own unique way?

And just as important, why do others see the world a little differently?

By learning your origin you can start to see the inner workings of your mind, behaviors and actions.

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What is your archetype?


Understand Your Power

Every archetype has a light and shadow side. You can almost think of this like a battery with a positive side and a negative side. A lot of factors go into what 'charges' us towards a certain side... from our parents, our life experiences, and the way we think about ourselves.

But our real power is that we can change our alignment from our shadow(-) side to our light(+) side. When we understand our own core archetype we also find our 'superpower' which helps us align much easier.

Let's look at the Explore Archetype:

What is your alignment?

You can also view light/shadow as your emotions and thoughts. What we feel and think becomes our story. If you are angry how does your day go? If you are angry for many days how does your month go... you get the picture.

Every archetype has this same balance which creates an alignment and determines how your journey goes.

Life Compass

Wouldn't it be nice to have your own personal compass to guide you through life? Well, we all sort of do but we need to understand how to use it. You just need to know your archetype, alignment, and what stage of the journey you are on. Once you have this figured out it's kind of magic.

We all have the same common origins however our journeys are completely unique to us. So our compass has to be unique to us. There are many ways to build your compass with the tools that align with your archetype. But there are four basic components:





Your unique archetype tool that powers you on your journey in life.

Your unique archetype rewards that motivate

your journey.

Your unique archetype guide posts that help you align with your journey.

Your unique archetype

statements that help you grow on your journey.


Visionary Archetype

Five minutes of guided visualization once a day.


Explorer Archetype

One weekend of travel each month.


Athlete Archetype

Still be under 9% body fat by age 45.


Caregiver Archetype

"I am enough & deserve love"

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I'm Nate and that is my archetype. My journey has taken me on a wild adventure of self discovery. It started when I felt a calling like never before. I wanted to find out if there was a purpose to this thing we call life. Over two years of searching I truly believe I've found the key to unlocking it all.

Where will your call lead you?

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